We have been always amazed by the innovation within the food truck industry. Social Media Marketing, creative menu’s, and customer service has truly scaled the 1-to-1 customer relationships. The Farmery takes it to the next level with their strategic partnership with Williamson Greenhouses to develop the CropBox, which is a complete organic growing system in a shipping container.

How we use the CropBox at the Farmery:

  • Only organic nutrients and growing substrates, 100% chemical free growing.
  • Energy efficient growing with LEDs, a single 40 foot CropBox uses the same energy as a large produce cooler.
  • We grow a wide variety gourmet mushrooms, greens, herbs, lettuces and microgreens at the Farmery, many of the varieties we grow are not typically sold in supermarkets due to their difficulty to ship or low shelf life. 
  • And of course, harvests every morning for the day’s customers!

The Farmery

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The Farmery
800 Park Offices Drive,
RTP, NC 27709