Earth Day is April 22, 2018. Host a gathering of 10 or more people to discuss questions about the conservation challenge, and post a picture of you and your group using one of Photofy’s Earth Day filters.

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Each Photofy upload will unlock $10 toward conservation of national wildlife (UN Sustainable Development Goal 15, supporting Life on Land) through a grant, in your name, from Sevenly to the Wolf Conservation Center — up to $5,000.


The first 50 hosts of an Earth Day Gathering with 10+ people will be outfitted with one item (up to a $30 value) from the Sevenly Outfitters Collection, featuring artisan apparel and accessories created for and benefiting the Wolf Conservation Center.


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Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is SDG #15 (Life on Land) important, and what does it have to do with Earth Day?
  2. Why do wolves need protection, and how are they emblematic of the larger animal conservation challenge?

Which is your favorite design from the Sevenly design collaboration with Wolf Conservation Center (

What is a SOLVER:

SOLVER: engage locally, solve globally.
SOLVER connects you with brands that support and donate to your favorite causes, when you participate in fun In-Real-Life events.


Fighting extinction alongside the Wolf Conservation Center – Each purchase helps to fight the extinction of critically endangered wolves

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